Netherton C of E Primary School

Heritage Project


In the Summer Term, the whole school takes part in our Heritage Project. 
What is the Heritage Project? 
This project combines History and Geography skills with a local focus. Each year group has an enquiry question that the children explore using their Historical and Geographical skills. The project is progressive and each year the children explore a different aspect of their local area. Our vision, is by the time the children leave us in Year 6 they are not only proud of where they come from but also become local experts. Our golden thread, which ties all our enquiries together, is 'Why is Netherton so unique?' This cross curricular approach allows children to see how maps can be used to track change and continuity over decades and centuries. Each year group takes part in local fieldwork from visiting Dudley Zoo in Reception, canal trips in Year 3 and High street visits in Year 5. Our Heritage Project gives the children the opportunity to develop and apply previously covered milestones from the Geography and History curriculum within a local context. We are very proud of the curriculum that we have developed and as a result we have been awarded the Heritage Schools status. We will continue to work with Historic England to grow our project even further.

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