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Our Staff

Staff at Netherton CE Primary - 2023/2024


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mrs K Harvey

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs J Browne

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs W Rickers

Assistant Head Teacher: Miss M Harrold


Early Years Foundation Stage


Mrs J Wheatley - EYFS Phase Leader/Reception Teacher

Miss L Bishop - Reception Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants:

Miss E Brierley - Nursery Lead

Mrs T Gregory - Nursery

Miss B Portman - Nursery

Mrs S Istafa - Reception

Miss L Guest - Reception


 Key Stage One:


Mrs K Bavington - Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss A Woodward - Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs S Turner - Year 1 Class Teacher

Mr E Willetts - Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss L Deery - Year 2 Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants:

Miss S Homer - Year 1

Mrs J Yardley - Year 1

Mrs S Cartmill - Year 2 (1 to 1)

Miss V Singer - Year 2 (1 to 1)


Key Stage Two:


Miss M Harrold - Year 3 Class Teacher/Assistant Head Teacher/Years 1, 2 and 3 Phase Leader

Miss S Gill - Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss D Mitchell - Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss H Griffiths - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs S Powell - Year 5 Class Teacher/Year 4. 5 and 6 Phase Leader

Mrs L Ryall-White - Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs D Baker - Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs L Walton - Year 5 Intervention Teacher

Mrs P Taylor - Year 6 Class Teacher

Mr B Taylor - Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss H Woodall - Maternity Leave

Miss S Nock - Maternity Leave


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs P Hodgetts - Year 3

Mrs T Smith - Year 3

Mrs R Hill - Year 3

Mrs A Billingham - Year 4

Miss J Hicklin - Year 4

Mrs M Cooper - Year 4 (1 to 1)

Mrs S Smart - Year 5

Mrs J Portman - Year 5

Miss M Stevens - Year 5

Mrs C Temple - Year 6



Mrs L Ryall-White


Sports Coach/Pastoral

 Mr A Ludlam


Forest School

 Mr J Hamblett


Office Staff

Ms P Dean - School Business Manager

Miss N Grove - Admin Assistant

Mrs T Parton - Family Link Worker


Premises Staff

Mr C Lee - Caretaker

Mrs D Lewis - Cleaner

Mrs O Woodall - Cleaner

Mrs K Greenfield - Cleaner

Mrs T Bi - Cleaner

Mrs N Haroon - Cleaner


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs D Lewis - Lunchtime Superintendent

Mrs O Woodall - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Greenfield - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Nock - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss K Wright - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms V Hughes - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms L Simner - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms S Wilkinson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr C Lee - Lunchtime Supervisor


Netherton C of E Primary School is part of the Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust


Chief Executive Officer: Claire Davies

Head Teacher: Mrs K. Harvey email: 

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs J. Browne email: 

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs W. Rickers email:

Assistant Head Teacher: Miss M. Harrold email: 

SENDCo: Mrs L. Ryall-White email: 

Child Protection Lead: Mrs K. Harvey email: 

Prevent Lead: Mrs K. Harvey email: 

Chair of Governors: Miss A. Hickman - Smith email: 

Vice Chair: Rev. Rich Hackett email:


Phone Number 01384 816895

All emails and phone messages will be passed on to the person you are trying to contact.

If you wish to meet the person, please contact the school to arrange an appointment