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At Netherton CE Primary School, we want to engage children in a French curriculum that is fun and stimulating, so they develop a love of language learning and a curiosity about French culture.  We want all pupils to see that learning a foreign language opens a window to another world, and that no matter where they are from, children feel accepted and loved.  We aim to build the foundation for future learning, providing children with opportunities to express themselves in French and to understand and respond to its speakers both verbally and in writing.  Our curriculum has progression of skills and knowledge in phonics, grammar and vocabulary at its heart because we want children to make good progress in French from Years 3 to 6.  This is underpinned by our desire for pupils to believe that they can grow and that they can do it!



Across Key Stage 2, French lessons are taught on a weekly basis from a CGP scheme we have adapted, called Salut!  A subject specialist plans lessons and monitors teaching and learning in Years 3 to 6. Through the scheme, pupils progressively acquire and build upon a growing knowledge and understanding of French vocabulary and grammar, allowing them to develop their communication skills.  French phonics is taught, and consistently reviewed, so that children can read French more confidently and become independent language learners. We teach children through a variety of multi-sensory activities, including games, songs, and reading a variety of texts, which also allow children to broaden their knowledge of French culture.


By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils will be able to communicate confidently, using familiar vocabulary and sentence structures.  They will be able to use the grammar they have learned to adapt sentences to express themselves and describe the world around them.  Pupils will leave Netherton CE Primary school with a foundational knowledge of French phonics, helping them to read in the language and become more independent learners.  Moreover, children will have gained a wider knowledge of French culture, and we hope they will have gained a passion for further language learning.  Their progress is continually monitored through the use of ‘exit tickets’, assessment of written work and through observation of children’s conversations in French.

Characteristics of a Linguist

  • A passion for language learning and continual improvement, beyond the classroom.
  • Resilience and determination to become fluent in another language.
  • A strong desire to learn about other cultures.
  • Fluency in reading and writing through a strong foundational knowledge of phonics.
  • An interest in reading a variety of materials in a foreign language.
  • A keen desire to learn the grammatical structures of a different language.
  • The ability to use language creatively and spontaneously in spoken and written form.

Potential Careers

  • Children’s book writer
  • Diplomat
  • Foreign service officer
  • Flight attendant
  • Hotel manager
  • Intelligence analyst
  • International business person
  • Interpreter
  • Language curriculum developer
  • Language technology developer
  • Linguist
  • Multilingual tour guide
  • Private tutor (online and offline)
  • Teacher
  • Translator

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